First Eyebrow Threading? Here's What You Need to Know (2024)

Good news: It lasts longer than tweezing at home.

First Eyebrow Threading? Here's What You Need to Know (1)Harper's Bazaar Staff

Unlike other beauty trends, eyebrow threading wasn't tailor-made for social media (though eyebrow threading videos do have an ASMR-like quality). It's a salon treatment to remove extra hairs above and below your natural eyebrow shape. The results are red-carpet precise without the pain of microblading or waxing.

If you're looking for a new way to groom and reshape your eyebrows, eyebrow threading should be on the table. And although DIY threading is gaining traction (read this before attempting!), there's nothing that will compare to a professional treatment. Here's what you need to know before booking your first appointment that Instagram scrolling alone won't tell you.

The Treatment

Eyebrow threading has been around much longer than the treatment's recent rise would have you think. The technique has been used in parts of Asia for centuries to remove unwanted eyebrow hairs.

"Threading is an ancient hair removal technique that's been around for centuries that is ideal for hair removal on small areas like the brows, upper lip and sides of the face," explains Umbreen Sheikh, founder of Wink Brow Bar in New York City. "A twisted cotton thread is used to gently pull the hair from the follicle," Sheikh explains. More specifically, "The technician twists the thread into a loop and then lassos it by repeatedly twisting the loop and threading the hair in the opposite direction from where your hair is growing. The thread is then pulled slightly to gently remove the hair from the follicle." It may sound tedious, but with an experienced eyebrow threader you can expect to be in and out of the salon within a half hour (or less).

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Is Threading Painful?

Ripping hair out of its follicle sounds more painful than it is. Eyebrow threading is widely considered the most gentle form of eyebrow grooming because it's only pulling on eyebrow hairs. Read: The skin surrounding your eyebrows won't be pulled or pricked like it would be in waxing or microblading. "There is a level of discomfort that you have to get used to and most people think that the top part of the brow is less sensitive than the underneath part," explains Sheikh, adding that one benefit of threading is that it's completely product-free. "Most people that love threading feel that the discomfort is worth it given the natural, organic process."

The Results

If you're looking for sharp, defined brows, you're in the right place. By moving hair-by-hair, eyebrow threading delivers precise results no matter the length of the hair. "This means you can go longer between appointments with cleaner brows," says Sheikh. The exact length of time the shaping will last varies from person to person, but "At Wink Brow Bar we like to quote anywhere from 2-4 weeks," says Sheikh. Plus, she adds, the longer you thread, the longer you may be able to go between adding to your calendar. "As you thread regularly the hair starts to grow on the same cycle and it lasts longer. Also, hair will start to grow back sparse and finer after repeated threading because hair is pulled out at the root, which gets weakened through this process so it gets less and less painful and quicker as you keep going," explains Sheikh.

Benefits aside, there are some side effects you may way to keep an eye on. All that pulling on hair follicles can result in redness around your eyebrows following the treatment; sensitive faces may have subtle irritation as well. If that's the case, ask your stylist for a cooling gel, like aloe vera, to calm your skin.

The Cost

Eyebrow threading appointments are comparable to waxing. Depending on the salon you're visiting and the rates in your area, you can expect to pay between $10 and $40 for the service—a small price to pay for ultra-precise eyebrows.

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First Eyebrow Threading? Here's What You Need to Know (4)

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First Eyebrow Threading? Here's What You Need to Know (2024)


First Eyebrow Threading? Here's What You Need to Know? ›

Exfoliate: Gently exfoliate the skin around your eyebrows a day or two before your appointment to remove dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs. Come without makeup: When you get to your appointment, don't wear any eyebrow makeup. A clean surface will help the technician assess your brows accurately.

What are the cons of eyebrow threading? ›

As opposed to waxing, the top layers of skin are not peeled or traumatized in the process. It is important to find an aesthetician who is experienced at eyebrow threading. Inexperienced aesthetician/beautician can result in uneven brows, hair breakage, ingrown hairs, or unnecessary pain and other complications.

What to do after first eyebrow threading? ›

Stay Away from Makeup: Hold off on applying makeup, especially directly on the threaded area, for at least 24 hours. Let your skin breathe and recover. Soothe with Aloe Vera: A natural remedy, aloe vera gel can be applied to reduce any immediate redness or swelling.

Do you close your eyes during eyebrow threading? ›

While you're sitting on a chair, the threading artist will ask you to close your eyes and lean back so they can start threading. Whether the artist is working on the top, middle, or bottom of your brow, you'll feel the thread removing hair — akin to small pinches. The whole process takes around 15 minutes to complete.

What is better than eyebrow threading? ›

The Pros. 'Waxing is instant, provides good results and is widely available,' says Riley. 'It is suited for clients that find threading and tweezing very painful. The hairs can grow back softer and finer with regular usage.

Do eyebrows get thinner after threading? ›

“The trauma inflicted on hair follicles during waxing, tweezing, and threading can lead to permanent follicular damage,” explains Dr. Umar. “Women who grew up in the height of the '90s overplucked, pencil-thin brow trend have begun to notice the difficulty in growing thicker eyebrows after years of this habit.”

What not to do after eyebrow threading? ›

Avoid using makeup on the threaded area for at least a few hours to allow the skin to recover. Stay away from direct sun exposure on the eyebrows to avoid further irritation. Avoid swimming or excessive sweating for the first 24 hours to prevent any potential infection.

How do I prepare for my first eyebrow threading? ›

  1. Let Your Brows Grow In: This might seem counterintuitive, but before your threading appointment, resist the urge to tweeze or wax your brows! ...
  2. Exfoliate Gently: ...
  3. Skip the Makeup: ...
  4. Wash Your Face and Hands: ...
  5. Schedule Wisely: ...
  6. Soothe Your Skin: ...
  7. Skip Makeup for 24 Hours: ...
  8. Avoid Touching:
May 27, 2024

How to do threading for beginners? ›

Open up the loop and hand in the opposite direction that you want to thread (left hand to thread to the right; right hand to thread to the left). Place the twisted section of the thread under the hair that needs removing. Make sure to thread the eyebrows in the opposite direction from which your hair grows.

Why does my face look weird after threading? ›

'Breakouts' after eyebrow threading are usually one of two things – irritation or folliculitis. If you develop some minor redness and a few tiny little 'bumps', this may be a simple irritant reaction. For mild irritant reactions, a soothing aloe vera gel might be all you need (wash your hands before applying it!).

How badly does eyebrow threading hurt? ›

With any hair-removal technique, there will always be some level of discomfort. Threading, however, is the least painful. This is because the hair is removed directly from the root. If you've ever tweezed your brows, you can compare the feeling of threading to plucking five hairs at once.

What to ask for at threading? ›

Not everyone looks good with all eyebrow types, but this gives your technician something to start with. If you're unsure, ask them to do what they think will look best or use minimal guiding terms. If you don't want them too thin or too thick, say so. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want.

Is getting eyebrows threaded bad? ›

Threading is a safe and effective eyebrow-shaping technique in the hands of a well-trained specialist. If you can find one in your area, you'll probably find the experience less painful — and the results more impressive — than what you'd get from waxing or plucking, especially if you have sensitive skin.

What are the long term side effects of threading? ›

Many people don't realize that there can be potential unwanted side effects with threading such as acne-like breakouts, infections and darkening of the skin. While threading has been around since ancient times, it may just not the best modern-day solution for you to get rid of your unwanted hair!

Does eyebrow threading stop hair growth? ›

Threading slows down and reduces hair growth. hair also grows much thinner thus making it easier to remove and less painful when threaded. Tweezing just one time in between will reverse all that is achieved from threading and can further irritate follicles which can cause hair to become ingrown, coarser, and darker.

How sanitary is eyebrow threading? ›

Brow threading is inherently more sanitary due to its contactless nature regarding skin. The technique uses a simple thread that doesn't spread bacteria across the skin like waxing can, especially since a new thread is used for each client at The Brow Fixx, ensuring no cross-contamination.


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