Warden Keystones (2024)

Warden Keystones (1)

The Warden Keystones are key items that belong to the Academy. They are almost completely identical, with the only physical differences between keystones being color and imbued element. During the tutorial, the Puppet Master uses Shadow Blast intending to destroy them, but he instead distributes them to different parts of the main island. Noot tells the player that the Warden Keystones cannot be destroyed, which is a secret that the staff of the Academy hid from the Order of Influence to thwart their plans. Each gem can be obtained by completing all tasks in its appropriate elemental location.

According to Prodigy Support, no more keystones will be added; the world of Prodigy was formed from five elements and no more. There is still an Astral symbol in the middle of the pedestals, but it only serves as a physical representation of the combination of the five keystone elements to create pure energy or power, as explained in Harmony Island Origins. Despite the presence of five keystones, there is a sixth Academy tower - the Astral Tower. If Prodigy Education develops all towers, all six should be accessible.


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List of Keystones[]

NameObtainment methodRequired level to placeAble to place?
Firefly GemGiven by Flora after completing her trials and defeating GeraldLevel 0+Yes
Shiverchill GemFound in Bok's throne room after putting 3 Power Crystals in the furnaceLevel 0+Yes
Skywatch GemGiven by Eugene after saving SkywatchLevel 12+Yes
Bonfire GemGiven by Slurpy after giving him a job as a chefLevel 12+Yes
Shipwreck GemGiven by Eve after defeating The Old OneLevel 12+Yes


  • In 2018, due to players' Key Items sub inventories filling up with Warden Keystones and new quest items, Prodigy created a storage/collection area reserved for keystones, labeled as "Gems."
  • The player couldn't place the Firefly Gem until January 15, 2019, and the Shiverchill Gem until September 8, 2021. All other keystones couldn't be placed until July 26, 2023.
  • Players will not see the pedestals post-tutorial until they receive the game invite to enter the Academy. During the Starlight Festival, the crates are not present, but players are still restricted from the entrance through that path.
  • Noot requested players to go to the Ice Tower next when they cleared the Earth Tower and defeated Shadow Gerald, suggesting that a concrete order of keystone placement is mandatory. This theory is further proven by Noot suggesting to go to the Storm Tower after completing the Ice Tower and defeating Shadow Glacias.
  • Obtaining keystones out of elemental order does not affect gameplay in other locations.
  • The first versions of the all of keystones' sprites are still seen today as the icons for the worlds Grassy Plains, Coldshard, Cumulite, Emberland, and Riverdeep.
  • After the player places all five keystones, they will stop glowing brightly. To make the keystones glow again, the player has to click on the white sphere that is in the middle of all of the pedestals, and defeat these bosses in order: Shadow Gerald, Shadow Ice Wyrm, Shadow Cebollini, Shadow Nasty Cloud, and Shadow Old One. Once all five keystones are glowing again, the player clicks on the white sphere again and enters the final battle against the Puppet Master himself.

Similar Items[]

Key Items
Warden Keystones (2)
Academy Amulet
Warden Keystones (3)
Boots of Hotwalk
Warden Keystones (4)
Breathing Bubble
Warden Keystones (5)
Island Map
Warden Keystones (6)
Warden Keystones (7)
Sonic Blaster
Warden Keystones (8)
Warden Keystones (9)
Underwater Camera
Warden Keystones (10)
Vine Pruner
Warden Keystones (11)
Vinecinerator 2000
Warden Keystones (12)
Firefly Gem
Warden Keystones (13)
Shiverchill Gem
Warden Keystones (14)
Skywatch Gem
Warden Keystones (15)
Bonfire Gem
Warden Keystones (16)
Shipwreck Gem



Warden Keystones (17)

Firefly Gem

Warden Keystones (18)

Shiverchill Gem

Warden Keystones (20)

Bonfire Gem

Warden Keystones (21)

Shipwreck Gem


Warden Keystones (22)

Old Firefly Gem

Warden Keystones (23)

Old Shiverchill Gem

Warden Keystones (24)

Old Skywatch Gem

Warden Keystones (25)

Old Bonfire Gem

Warden Keystones (26)

Old Shipwreck Gem

Warden Keystones (27)

Older Firefly Gem

Warden Keystones (28)

Older Shiverchill Gem

Warden Keystones (29)

Older Skywatch Gem

Warden Keystones (30)

Older Bonfire Gem

Warden Keystones (31)

Older Shipwreck Gem

Warden Keystones (32)

Oldest Firefly Gem

Warden Keystones (33)

Oldest Shiverchill Gem

Warden Keystones (34)

Oldest Skywatch Gem

Warden Keystones (35)

Oldest Bonfire Gem

Warden Keystones (36)

Oldest Shipwreck Gem


Warden Keystones (37)

Official Artwork of the Ice Gem

Warden Keystones (38)

Old Warden Keystones Placed

Change History[]

Official Release

  • Warden Keystones were added to Prodigy Math Game.

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Warden Keystones (2024)


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