The All-Time Super Bowl Team (2024)

In the long history of the Super Bowl, several of the finest players in the NFL shined as many under-the-radar players seized MVP awards. But who was the best with Lombardi’s trophy on the line with more than a half-century of games to look back on? This is the all-time super bowl team in Athlon Sports.

RB: Franco Harris

The candidates are not in short supply. In Pittsburgh’s four Super Wins in the seventies, Harris rushed to 354 yards and received an additional 114 yards. In the four games, Harris had 18 hits on the third and ten first downs and three downs. And Harris is the only runner in the history of the Super Bowl with over 100 carries.

QB: Tom Brady

He gets ready on Super Sunday to take his 10th appearance. Joe Montana is 4 -0 in the Super Bowls, but Tom Brady has 6 rings and three MVPs. With 2 838 yards and 18 touchdowns in nine starts, he has two best passing performances (yards) in Super Bowl history. Montana was possible “Joe Cool” on the Super Sunday, but Brady was undoubtedly the largest stage in professional sports on the occasion of “Tom Terrific.”

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RB: Roger Craig

Craig has accrued 413 yards of scrimmage in three Super Bowling for San Francisco, including 45 yards earned at Super Bowl XXIII, with four touchdowns.

WR: Jerry Rice

Rice is a no brainer. Let’s see: most Super Bowl catches (33), most yards (589) and most of them (215), most of them in their run (604), the only player to score 3 TD in a game twice. Yeah, he got an MVP.

LT: Jon Kolb

The only constant on the offensive lines in Pittsburgh during their four Super Bowls in the seventies was Kolb, who led Franco Harris and covered Terry Bradshaw at the match.

RG: Joe Andruzzi

The Patriots rushed 372 feet in three New England victories, and Andruzzi helped shield MVP Tom Brady so that he could sit conveniently in his pocket.

C: Jim Langer

During Miami’s reverse titles in the 1970s, Langer anchored the thread. Miami rusted 53 times over 196 yards in Super Bowl VIII, most with bruiser Larry Csonka straight down to the middle.

LG: Nate Newton

Newton was Emmitt Smith, the all-time leading NFL rusher. The Cowboys obtained 52, 30, and 27 points in Newton’s three Super Bowls.

DT: Russell Maryland.

The offense earned a great deal of praise, but in the 1990s, Dallas recorded eight interceptions and kept teams in their three Super Bowl victories at less than four yards. In all three games, Maryland was a front-load up.

LB: Jack Lambert

For 11 seasons, Lambert was standing for the Steelers in the core of all things, including four trips to the Super Bowl. In the most critical game of the season without him, Pittsburgh wouldn’t be 4-0.

LB: Chuck Howley

This Cowboy is the only player in Super Bowl history to earn an MVP for a losing team. He also won a Super Bowl with great success in Dallas’ victory over Miami the next year.

CB: Herb Adderley

Adderley has been a part of the first two championship teams of green bay, having recovered an interception of 60 yards to score in Super Bowl II.

LB: Ray Lewis

Lewis is one of four Super Bowl MVP (XXXV) winners, and almost ten years later, he received the second Lombardi Trophy having the Ravens. Lewis is one of the four linebackers. It was his last NFL match.

CB: Mel Blount

For four champions, Blount has played and contributed to the Super Bowls IX and XIII interception.

S: Ronnie Lott

Lott played corner in the first two before going to protection as an instrument in the Niners’ four Super Bowl victories. None of his nine intercepts came in the Super Bowl after the season, possibly because a quarterback avoided him.

RS: Desmond Howard

The Super Bowl XXXI won MVP honors and two punt returns of more than 30 yards, including a kick return for a touchdown.

P: Larry Seiple

Seiple has held Redskin and Viking in the Super Bowls VII and VIII, always a chance to take off and fly.

S: Cliff Harris

Harris has changed how free safety was played, one of only 17 players to participate in at least five Super Bowls. He won the VI and XII Super Bowl.

K: Adam Vinatieri

No more clutch kicker was ever available in the Super Bowl.

DE: Charles Haley

In San Francisco’s 3-4 alignment, Haley was more of an outside linebacker. Tom Brady is second with a team winning five Super Bowl rings.

DT: Joe Greene

Greene terrified quarterbacks, running backs, and offensive lineman as the heart of the Steel Curtain. In four super-wins, the adversaries raced to Pittsburgh for less than 100 yards, as Greene missed Roger Staubach, Fran Tarkenton, and Vince Ferragamo in their lives.

DE: Richard Dent

The Monsters of the Midways had a loaded defensive stars roster, but Dent claimed the MVP with a total of 1.5 bags in Super Bowl XX because the Bears gave New England a total of 10 points.

The All-Time Super Bowl Team (2024)


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