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Above and Beyond Security Service

ODS makes it easy for you to get off duty police protection when you want it and where you need it:

  • ONE call for police officers around the clock
  • ONE point of contact 24 hours/day
  • ONE invoice per month not hundreds of paychecks
  • Officers rapidly on-site anywhere in the U.S.
  • Outsourcing your insurance liability
  • Only active, certified, skilled officers

The Standing Post service comprises the majority of ODS services. Armed officers maintain a highly visible presence to prevent criminal activity. The officer may be in uniform or wearing other appropriate attire, depending on what the customer desires and what the employing law enforcement agency permits.

The officer has the right to arrest, write tickets, or conduct any other duty required by the state or agency he/she works for when observing someone breaking a law.

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When an emergency situation arises, we understand that security personnel are the first line of defense. Off Duty Services works with a specialized team of emergency security officers who are available to assist in any type of situation. They are professionally trained and skilled to handle your emergency security needs. We can provide any type of coverage, from temporary to 24/7 emergency officers who are experienced in responding quickly and ready to serve you. We offer reliable armed and unarmed security officers to protect your communities and businesses. Whether you are facing planned or unforeseen circ*mstances, ODS is here to help prevent and manage all security needs.

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The personal safety of executives and protecting corporate events are high profile responsibilities. They require a superior level of security to ensure peace of mind. ODS delivers that level of security with off duty police protecting executives, key personnel, corporate functions and events. We provide executive security in transit, at home, office and at event locations. Our off duty law enforcement personnel are armed, have powers of arrest, and can be in uniform or plainclothes. The presence of ODS law enforcement officers may be contracted on a 24/7 basis toprotect your executives, VIPs and employeesor based on a schedule the customer requests. These duties are high-profile services where customers require a superior level of security to ensure peace of mind.

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The Workplace Securityprovides the services of off duty law enforcement officers to protect businesses and staff from disruptions in the workplace, group layoffs or hostile employees and customers.

ODS provides off duty law enforcement to protect your business and workers from unhappy employees or risky labor disruptions. Our officers are armed, have powers of arrest, and can be highly visible or stationed discreetly. We help contribute to your workplace safety and security through our officers’presence and our experienced management and coordination.

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Roving patrol services provide our customers with a cost effective way to protect assets without the need for a permanent onsite security.

Roving patrols are extremely efficient to use when there are a number of locations within a specific geographic area that need to be visited within a shift. It’s a simple method to leverage time and cost for the service. While on site the officers provide an excellent deterrent for suspicious behavior and help paying customers feel safe. The routes are typically random making it difficult for anyone to predict arrival and departures.

ODS offers either marked or unmarked vehicles with an off duty police officer at the wheel that will inspect multiple locations within a shift. While the officer is on premise they will make personal contact with our customer to discuss any specific activity.

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The Traffic Controlservice places uniformed officers outdoors on public roads to direct and control vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Traffic control isserviced in most weather conditions, being mindful of pedestrian and officer safety. Generally, this service isrequested by businesses whose operations extend onto public streets or onto private roads when they require traffic control services to minimize business liability and to protect public safety.

The officer may use a reflective vest, light stick, whistle, or other directing devices. This is a more dangerous job compared to a Standing Post, due to civilians in vehicles and potentially hazardous weather conditions.

ODS provides off duty police in full uniform or in plainclothes and can be highly visible or stationed discreetly. Our officers are trained to manage difficult situations and have powers of arrest. Their presence helps keep your people, facilities and events safe, legal and moving as scheduled.

Other assignments include, but not limited to:

  • Escort – on Foot or Vehicle
  • Presence During High Value Transactions
  • Alarm Response
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Preparing for the unexpected is a crucial part of your overall business plan.

Having a trusted partner when a crisis or disaster occurs is crucial to a company’s personnel, customers and operation. ODS works closely with its clients to ensure that their security needs are met in the event of a national emergency or natural disaster.

Over the years ODS has worked in several catastrophic events that were a result of a severe hurricane, tornado, earthquake and pandemic. In each case, a State of Emergency was declared making it virtually impossible to source off duty police from the affected area. By having a national capability, ODS is able to draw from off duty officers well outside the affected area and mobilize them quickly where they are needed. Crisis and disaster services can involve the deployment of large groups of officers which include complicated operational issues, logistics, communication, etc. and in difficult environments.

Having a well documented Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is critical, but what’s more important is having that plan in sync with your customer’s BCP. Off Duty Services goes to great lengths to plan and exercise that plan with its customers so that in the event of a crisis, we engage our services quickly.

Request for Service

Executive protection services and security guards in police uniform not available in North Carolina.

Service Guaranteed

“The best sales pitch and the slickest brochure mean nothing to the client who cannot reach their security provider in an emergency. Our operations personnel are available 24/7 to schedule service and answer questions”.

- Brian Stewart, Vice President of Off Duty Services

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Services | Off Duty Services (2024)


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