Rune Coin Guide - Runex (2024)


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Obtaining Rune Coins
    • 2.1 Mage Arena
    • 2.2 Barrows
    • 2.3 Elite Barrows
    • 2.4 Elite Godwars Dungeon
  • 3 Rune Coin Exchange


Rune Coins, often abbreviated to "RC", is a custom currency on Runex that has various uses for both beginners and end-game players. Because of this, Rune Coins have a value around 400,000 gp (400k) each at the time of making this guide. Despite being untradable items themselves, players often trade items that are worth X amount of Rune Coins for their "Rune Coin value". An example of one of these items would be Archon Boots, which are worth 3,500 Rune Coins, selling for around 1.4B gp.

Obtaining Rune Coins

Almost any activity you participate in within Runex has the ability to give you Rune Coins in some way, shape, or form. While that may be true, some methods stand out far above the rest if your main goal is strictly to farm Rune Coins. Below, you will find several of the recommended methods to farm Rune Coins. Try out the method(s) that you're most comfortable with and good luck.

Mage Arena

Participating in the Mage Arena minigame, which is located in the deep wilderness, is one of the best ways to obtain Rune Coins early on. Having 0 requirements outside of using Magic, Mage Arena also provides you with a relatively easy Collection Log (with great rewards) to complete while farming Rune Coins. If you want to learn how to farm Mage Arena efficiently, click here for a guide.


Another beginner friendly method of obtaining Rune Coins is the Barrows minigame. Very similar to OSRS, Barrows on Runex is very easy to complete and each Barrows item has a Rune Coin value. Early on, you will want to obtain an Iban's Staff and Tome of Fire (Iban's Blast works with the Tome) to make things even quicker. You can find out more about farming Barrows by clicking here for a guide.

Elite Barrows

Elite Barrows is, hands down, one of the best Rune Coin farms available on Runex. Often rewarding you with 4+ Barrows items per run as well as the chance at an Elite Barrows weapon, doing this also doubles as a great moneymaking method. Click here if you want to learn how to dominate the Elite Barrows minigame.

Elite Godwars Dungeon

Farming within the Elite Godwars Dungeon is another fantastic method to farm Rune Coins. It is heavily recommended to only do this in the mid-to-late game stages as you will be camping the four bosses within the dungeon for their drops since they have lower drop rates within the elite dungeon. Click here if you're interested in learning how to farm the Elite Godwars bosses.

Rune Coin Exchange

Exchanging items for Rune Coins is very easy to do. While there is a Daily Moneymaking Task for exchanging 5,000 Rune Coins, the maximum amount you can obtain in one exchange (before any boosts) is 15,000.

Use the teleport::rc for the fastest transportation to the Rune Coin Machine. Here, you are able to exchange items for Rune Coins, view the Rune Coin Exchange price guide, and view the Rune Coin shop.

The Rune Coin shop contains several useful items we will talk about below, some of which are must-have items for any account, such as the Grand Looting Bag.

Click on the Rune Coin Exchanger in order to open the Rune Coin shop.

Almost every item within the Rune Coin shop has a description when you hover it. Familiarize yourself with what each item does in order to decide which you should you should purchase.
Generally speaking, this is a case-by-case scenario.. but the Ring of Greed, Grand Looting Bag, Catalytic Rune Pouch, Skilling Backpack, and both Efficiency and Scholars Blessings are the most sought after options - often in/similar to that order.

It is strongly recommended to purchase the Ring of Greed first. This is because it provides +7.5% Rune Coin value for items that you exchange, allowing for you to surpass the 15,000 exchange cap and for just all-around boosting your yield.

Rune Coin Guide - Runex (3)

Also within the Rune Coin Exchanger, as well as your Quest tab, you will find the Rune Coin Price Guide.

Opening this guide will show you almost every item that is exchangeable for Rune Coins and how many you would receive for exchanging it.
You are also able to hold CTRL while hovering most items to check how many Rune Coins, if any, they can be exchanged for.

Rune Coin Guide - Runex (4)

Rune Coin Guide - Runex (2024)


What is the XP rate in Runex? ›

What is your Experience Rate? Experience (EXP/XP) rate affects how much experience each action give you when training. Your default experience rate is determined by the difficulty you chose upon account creation. Prime is 3x OSRS experience, Supreme is 20x, Hard is 50x and Normal is 135x.

What are RuneCoins in Osrs? ›

RuneCoins are the main currency used in Solomon's Store. You can find out more information on the RuneCoins wiki page. You can purchase RuneCoins via our website.

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Do RuneCoins expire? ›

RuneCoins have a maximum life span of twelve months from purchase. If RuneCoins remain in a player's balance for twelve months after they were purchased or generated, they disappear without a refund.

How many RuneCoins do you need for one bond? ›

Adds 195 RuneCoins to the players account.

Can you sell OSRS bonds for money? ›

Bonds can never be dropped, destroyed, alchemised, or sold in shops. They are always kept on death, even when inside the Wilderness. The only ways to get rid of bonds are either trading away your bond, or redeeming the bond for a membership code.

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